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Videos created for the healthcare industry

Brings attention to the importance of health to a wide audience

Partnering with Key Business Advisors, we produced a series of effective training videos for this home furnishings retailer.

The Client

DPV Health strives to provide customized medical and dental services for everyone.


To bring awareness to their campaigns for improving people’s health and the community, and to show that their experienced staff goes above and beyond to ensure everyone feels welcome and that they are happy with their care, through professional photographs and promotional, educational, and event showcase videos.


Visual Production Agency worked closely with DPV Health’s in-house marketing and video teams to accurately capture the staff’s expertise and willingness to go the extra distance to make their patients feel safe and comfortable.


Instead of relying on word-of-mouth and brochures alone, video advertising allowed DPV Health’s messages to reach a much broader audience.

The “DPV Health” video focuses on their services and ideas. They have state-of-the-art equipment and a friendly staff who is committed to making the patients feel welcome. The video stresses the fact that each patient’s visit can be customized so that they feel most at ease, whether that means having a female doctor instead of a male doctor, or speaking in one language instead of another.

The “Fit in 30” campaign encourages people who are busy to achieve at least 30 minutes of activity each day in order to lose weight and stay strong. Anything a person can do to engage muscles or improve their balance is better than nothing. The videos are engaging and upbeat in hopes of convincing viewers to follow DPV Health’s recommendations.

DPV Health also created campaigns we helped promote through video that helped change the community for the better. Their “Join the Club” campaign brings attention to the alarming amount of violence against women. They hope to encourage people to treat women with respect and as equals.

We had the honour of creating an event showcase video for their Disability Day Event. Everyone is shown having fun dancing, laughing, and enjoying their special day. After all, everyone deserves a chance to shine.

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