Video Marketing for the Healthcare Sector

February 14, 2023

Promoting well-being is easier for healthcare providers who foster healthy relationships with their patients. Video marketing for clinics and hospitals makes it easy to kick things off on the right footing – and communicate complex concepts in a way that engenders trust. Here’s how.

The Value of Video

It’s no secret that video media has the power to spread big ideas in a short timeframe. What many providers have historically overlooked is that video content isn’t just good for striking up engaging dialogues in a world of shrinking attention spans. It also helps build authority, which is critical to effective healthcare outreach.

To understand the potential, start by considering the broader marketing perspective. According to a survey from early 2022, 86 per cent of marketers felt that video content helped them generate leads.

As impressive as that sounds, the key takeaway for the healthcare industry is even more revealing: A whopping 94 per cent said that their videos improved user comprehension of their products and services.

How Do Caregivers Leverage Video Marketing?

This idea that video enhances understanding shouldn’t come as a surprise to most people. After all, educators have long used video to introduce novel concepts to students – even in extremely challenging academic domains like healthcare.

The real question is whether you can apply similar principles to your outreach strategy. Fortunately, you don’t have to guess about this one.

It’s a fairly well-established fact that caregivers and health entities can accomplish quite a lot with video. For instance, during global crises like COVID-19 and H1N1, public health entities routinely used video to explain the realities of outbreaks, publicize initiatives, and push back against misinformation, connecting with millions of viewers daily.

Caregivers of all sizes can take hints from these strategies to publicize and humanize their operations:

  • A small clinic might use video to offer the public a first-hand look at the new practices it has implemented to keep people safe during a pandemic, such as redesigning a waiting room to accommodate social distancing or installing barriers. Sharing such changes visually has a much bigger impact than simply describing them in text.
  • Your practice might publish a video explaining how its new diagnostic tools, such as MRI or other imaging machines, work. Since these types of business improvements typically revolve around advanced technology, video can make the changes easier for people to understand – and subtly reinforce the benefits of patronizing your practice.
  • Doctors and specialist practitioners can use videos to make their marketing funnels more consumable. Instead of forcing people to wade through blogs full of complicated terminology, caregivers can explain things in a more accessible style that fosters open communication and associates a friendly face with their messaging.
  • Many clinics focus on services that impact a broad cross-section of the population. These businesses commonly share healthcare tips that large audiences will find useful, gaining vital exposure and engendering lasting trust by demonstrating their knowledge.
  • Medical device manufacturers, pharmaceuticals, and educators can share details of their new products to make usage easier for business clients such as doctors. Healthcare networks that want to disseminate uniform training commonly use interactive videos to set the appropriate tone for learning.
  • It’s not always easy for patients to make confident choices about their healthcare, particularly when they’re confronted with lots of options. Videos let practices explain the key distinctions that differentiate their services from other alternatives and demonstrate value in the process.

These are just a few of the ways video is helping healthcare players evolve their strategies. By exploring new ways to interact, hospitals and clinics are not only changing how they self-promote but also spreading vital information that furthers their mission of community service.

Integrate Video Marketing for Hospitals and Clinics Into Your Marketing Plan

In digital marketing terms, the value of video goes beyond simply demystifying big ideas. Rich video media can also entertain and keep people engaged with brands such as clinics and health networks.

What does engagement really mean? Loosely speaking, it’s an abstract measure of how likely people are to interact with and form attachments to your brand.

These attachments can be rational, emotional or both, and they’re essential to building a thriving customer base as a healthcare business. Brands that want to grow their audiences must keep them engaged, and video raises the odds that casual site visitors will become paying customers.

Creating innovative content that keeps people watching is a smart way to get your message across. It increases the chances that someone will click through to learn more about what you have to offer.

You’ve got a practice to run, and it’s a full-time job, but you can’t afford to neglect video marketing. It’s critical to find a partner who can communicate your message professionally, creating content that’s worth viewing because it delivers something of value.

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