The Value of Personalised Branded Photography for Your Company

When a small business is looking for an image to represent their brand too often they turn to the “stock photo.” A stock photo is a commercially of common subjects which are available to purchase and then be used royalty free. Because of this commercial nature the photos are available to all, and who knows what other promotions the photo you want may have been used for. Not only, do you run the risk of the photo being used in a nature contrary to your brand design and ethos, but also stock photos generally are designed to look in a way a viewer can identify as a stock photo.

So how do you avoid the perils of using a stock photo, its simple really! Today we can provide personalised branded photography for your company, but why should you opt for this solution?

Personalised content allows you to get all the benefits of the stock photo namely royalty free use, but it produces further benefits! Firstly, the photos are authentic and genuine to you, designed and tailored to your needs, not the needs of a Stock photo company with the desire to sell as many copies of an image as it can. Your own branded image means you are in control, and thus this allows you the true essence of your brand. Through using your own branding, it gives you an image you can portray to the world proudly.

Furthermore, with the importance of social media competition for small businesses has never been harder. Personalised elite quality images will make your profile stand-out, and with the full editing service being provided the images will be ready to post straight-away, and give your brand a unique image to represent exclusively who you are.

Here at Visual Production Agency we can offer you the very best personalised branded photography with state of the art equipment and one of the best photographers in Melbourne. We can cater to whatever your needs, through consultation and discussion to exactly what your business wants. Contact us to discuss the potential to make your brand stand out, and for you to bring your companies marketing to the next level.
For quotes and consultation contact us at or phone us at 0393570002 and we will help you in creating the perfect image to reflect your identity and the push the boundaries of your brand image. For more info, click the “talk to us” tab!