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Videos for State Government/Local Councils

Communication lies at the core of government work. With video, your government agency or department gains the ability to speak to the whole community or a defined group of stakeholders, with real impact.

Training Videos

Whether it’s health and safety, employee induction or professional development, quality training translates to better outcomes. Video is the best way to explain a concept, demonstrate equipment use or communicate organisational change…

Videos for Schools/University

Video is now an essential part of any education providers’ marketing strategy. Only great video footage can showcase your campus and the special qualities of your team. We can bring the spirit of your institution to life in an engaging and entertaining format.

Corporate Videos

Video is one of the most powerful tools for getting your business noticed online. Reach out to the market, give customers an insight into your company, launch a product, engage employees, or deliver important announcements…

Marketing Videos

With a professionally produced business video, you can match it with the biggest corporations. Modern marketing is all about your digital presence and video will give you the edge you need to converts clicks to sales!

Social Media Videos

Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter or LinkedIn, we can help your social campaign hit the mark. Video is king in the social media world, helping raise your profile and drive clicks, views and the sharing of posts you need for your business.

Event Videos

Let us livestream your concert, sporting event, brand launch, corporate seminar, conference or open day, and capture all the moments to savour later. We’ve covered everything – from the iconic Melbourne Cup Carnival to Media Awards, Trade Expos, Festivals, Celebrity Sports Days & Community events…

TV Advertising

When it comes to marketing, nothing delivers like a great TV or cinema commercial. With 15 years in the business, Visual Production Agency can help you shoot a knockout ad for a surprisingly affordable price.


Create professional, high-quality video with ease. Our fully-equipped green screen studio makes video production more affordable than ever.Take the stress out of web videos,marketing videos and small business video productions. Choose how much support you want from us and start producing amazing and cost-effective video content.


Make a lasting impression with commercial photography. Our professional photographers provide a complete range of service, from on-location to studio sessions.Capturing product photography to portrait sessions and lifestyle shots, we make sure you get the results you need.