Rachel Calleja


Introducing Rachel Calleja, the skilled photographer behind the lens, proudly carrying the title of Visual Production Agency’s go to Photographer.

Professional Background:

Rachel’s journey started in a totally different world—dentistry. Working as a Dental Nurse, she picked up the importance of precision and care. But her heart found its real love in photography.

Joining the Visual Production Agency team in 2018, Rachel became an essential part of the crew. Wearing two hats as a production assistant and photographer, she brings creativity and efficiency to every project.


From goofing around with a cardboard camera as a kid to evolving into a talented photographer, Rachel’s journey is all about following her passion. Whether it’s event photography, professional headshots, or creating behind-the-scenes magic for Visual Production Agency, she’s the visual storyteller who freezes moments in time.

Her knack for business administration ensures that projects run smoothly, and everyone stays happy. Rachel is friendly yet assertive—setting deadlines, keeping the production process on point, and ensuring timely delivery of videos for our satisfied clients.


Beyond photography, Rachel finds joy in activities that keep her energised. She’s a fan of scrolling through online activewear options, exploring holistic health approaches, and diving into invigorating at-home workouts. These are all essential elements of her routine!

Favourite Movies:

When in the mood for some cinematic joy, Rachel loves kicking back with timeless favourites like “Dirty Dancing” and “Home Alone.”

Fun Facts or Quirks:

Rachel’s quirks add a delightful touch to her personality. She’s a lover of Trance music, enjoys Nutella on Savoy biscuits, has a unique taste for Vegetarian Pizza with Chicken, and appreciates wine, especially red. However, one must tread carefully until Rachel has her coffee – a self-professed coffee snob to the max. Daniel, her husband, knows the drill; no conversations until that coffee has been savoured. Beyond her eclectic preferences, Rachel and her husband, Daniel, navigate the chaos of parenthood with two energetic boys – an energiser bunny toddler and a lively newborn. Despite yearning for more time to indulge in the things they love, their evenings are dominated by the adorable mayhem these two little guys bring into their lives.