Paul Thornhill

Content Producer

Meet Paul, a seasoned Producer with a diverse background and a knack for creating videos that align seamlessly with brand strategy and marketing messages.

Professional Background:

Paul’s career has been quite the adventure! He’s sailed through marketing communications for big corporations and smaller enterprises alike. Not to mention, he’s played the journalist game in the real estate world. His resume is like a colourful mix of experiences!


Paul’s knack lies in producing videos that perfectly match your brand strategy and marketing messages. He’s your go-to guy for bringing that friendly and effective video touch to your story!


Outside the world of video creation, Paul is passionate about politics, has a deep appreciation for music, and a keen interest in history.

Favourite Movies:

Paul’s movie nights are a classy affair. Picture this: “Le Samouraï,” “Heat,” and the epic “Lawrence of Arabia” making it to the top of his list. Yep, he’s got a thing for timeless classics.

Fun Facts or Quirks:

Paul’s not just about serious production talk. He brings a quirky sense of humour to the table, making every project a fun ride.