Paul Calleja

Paul Calleja Lighting & Audio Technician

Say hello to Paul, our go-to guy for all things Lighting and Audio Technician magic.

Professional Background:

With an impressive 40-year career in enhancing visuals and elevating audio experiences, Paul’s journey spans across commercial photography, film & TV, and a solid 8-year stint at Channel 7. Beyond being a tech expert, he has also served as the maestro of his own photography studio.Expertise/Specialisation:

Paul’s the triple threat: lighting, audio, and photography are his playground. If there’s a spotlight to be set or a tune to be heard, he’s your guy.


When he’s not fine-tuning knobs and playing with lights, Paul is busy creating delicious culinary delights, enjoying music, or cruising around in classic cars. A man of many talents, no doubt!

Favourite Movie:

“Edison the Man” has Paul’s vote, showing his love for a good historical flick with a tech twist.

Fun Facts or Quirks:

Hold on to your hat because Paul’s a cheese-making champion, and get this – he won using Aldi milk against farmers! Not just a tech geek, he’s dabbled in Chinese cooking, hydroponics, and welding. And if that’s not enough, he’s also part of a 50s and 60s music band. Oh, and did we mention he’s worked with the defence department, building cool scientific gadgets? Talk about a jack of all trades!