Marty Matuszewski

Drone & 360 Camera Operator

Meet Marty, the expert in the skies and on the ground, proudly serving as Drone & 360 Camera Operator.

Professional Background:

With a dynamic professional journey spanning over 15 years in IT and almost a decade immersed in the realms of photography and videography, Marty is a seasoned expert in the tech and visual arts domains.


Marty excels in the realm of drones and 360 cameras, boasting over 8 years of experience. Whether navigating traditional drones or delving into the exciting world of FPV, Marty isn’t just a drone operator but also a skilled camera operator, capturing moments in the expansive realm of 360 video.


Marty’s world centres around video production and drones. His genuine passion lies in the excitement of navigating the skies and capturing stunning visuals. When he’s not airborne, Marty enjoys a round of golf, adding a touch of leisure to his tech-filled days.

Favourite Movie:

In the realm of films, Marty holds a fondness for anything sci-fi, with a particular love for the movie Zombie Land.

Fun Facts or Quirks:

Marty is not your average operator; he’s the proud owner of 10 drones, showcasing his deep connection with the world of aerial technology. Marty loves his motorised scooters, blending the excitement of technology with a dash of mobility.