Jamin Menegazzo

Production Assistant & Photographer

Meet Jamin, a multifaceted creative dynamo holding the roles of Production Assistant, Photographer, and occasional Makeup Artist.

Professional Background:

Jamin recently earned her stripes, graduating with a Bachelor of Photography from RMIT. Her passion extends beyond the professional realm, delving into the world of fine art photography during her personal time.


Jamin brings a diverse skill set to the table, seamlessly navigating the realms of graphic design using Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. From capturing captivating portraits to orchestrating events in the studio and on location, she’s your go-to person for visual storytelling.


When she’s not behind the lens or perfecting makeup looks, Jamin is on the quest for the best swimming spots in Victoria. Her love for vintage treasures leads her to op shops, and she finds solace in getting cosy with a good book. To add a dash of movement to her life, Jamin also attends contemporary dance classes.

Favourite Movie:

“The Wizard of Oz” holds a special place in Jamin’s heart, with the 1939 classic capturing her imagination and enchanting her cinematic senses.

Fun Facts or Quirks:

Jamin proudly embraces a significant celebrity crush on Michael C Hall from Dexter.