Jamie Watkins

Senior Video Editor & Animator

Say hello to Jamie, the creative wizard behind the screens, proudly holding the title of Senior Video Editor and Animator.

Professional Background:

Jamie’s journey is a tapestry of creativity and learning. Graduating with a Bachelor of Media (Screen and Sound) from the University of New South Wales in 2013, he embarked on a freelancing adventure for about seven years. His impressive client list includes big names like Telstra, Westpac, Dementia Australia, and even some indie films and short films.


Jamie’s world is all about post-production, video editing, and animation. He doesn’t just make videos; he’s into spinning visual tales that really grab your attention!


Outside of the editing suite, Jamie has real love for documentaries. His interests extend to the realms of writing, reading, and an unexpectedly strong affection for Lego.

Favourite Movies:

Ask Jamie about his favourite movie, and you might get a diplomatic response because choosing just one is tough. However, the top contenders include cinematic gems like “Lord of the Rings,” “Shawshank Redemption,” “Dunkirk,” and “The Big Short.”

Fun Facts or Quirks:

Growing up on the Sydney beaches ingrained in Jamie a deep love for the coastal lifestyle. Currently calling Melbourne home, Jamie’s living space is a creative haven, featuring an extensive Lego collection that reflects his unwavering passion. Sharing his home with his partner and their furbaby Milhouse, unfortunately, Milhouse also deals with asthma.