Daniel Calleja

Founder/Creative Director

Say hello to Daniel the Founder and Creative Director of Visual Production Agency.

Professional Background:

With an impressive tenure spanning 18 years, Daniel has been the helmsman steering the ship of production businesses. His unwavering commitment and entrepreneurial acumen have been the driving forces behind his enduring success.


Daniel is not just a Creative Director; he’s a wizard of many trades – a camera operator, director, business maestro, photographer, and editor. His knack for storytelling runs deep in every role he takes on.


Step into Daniel’s vibrant world, where collecting cameras is more than a hobby, he has a love for buying cameras, constantly pushing the boundaries of technology. His commitment to health and fitness is not just a routine but a dedication, evidenced by his gym exploits.

Teaching and mentoring bring him joy, and the love for movies is a flame that never flickers. Beyond the screen, Daniel finds solace in the kitchen, indulging his culinary passions. His affinity for techy geeky I.T adventures, ownership of classic cars, and devotion to family highlight the multifaceted nature of his passions. Capturing stories through the lens, immersing in music, and basking in the resonance of loudspeakers are additional notes in his symphony of interests.

Favourite Movies:

In the cinematic tapestry, “Terminator 2” and “Aliens” hold a special place in Daniel’s heart, echoing his appreciation for iconic storytelling and cinematic prowess.

Fun Facts or Quirks:

Daniel’s video journey kicked off at the lively age of 14, capturing the buzz of local wrestling matches on VHS and selling them for a quick buck to the community! Fast forward to 20 when he decided to go all-in on his own business, steering clear of the traditional full-time gig.

He’s got a bit of a thing for splurging on fancy camera gear. It’s not just about the gear; it’s his way of keeping things fresh and cutting-edge.

And here’s the feel-good twist – despite dealing with a significant curveball, a severe case of scoliosis, it doesn’t stop him from doing what he loves. Holding that camera isn’t just a skill; it’s a testament to his grit and an unyielding passion for crafting visual wonders. And in the midst of all this, Daniel and his partner navigate the chaotic yet joyous journey of parenthood with their two lively boys – a super energetic toddler and a hyperactive newborn. While they dream of more time for their shared loves, most of their post-work hours are delightfully consumed by the charming chaos of their little ones.