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Video Created for Retail Industry

Saving the company thousands of dollars through training videos

The Client

Shaver Shop is one of the best places in Australia to find and buy grooming products. Their staff is highly trained, and all they want to do is make customers happy while saving them money. Visual Production Agency has worked with Shaver Shop for over 10 years.


To film top-notch training videos in order to maintain a highly efficient workplace, and to create engaging event showcases to get customers excited about products Shaver Shop has to offer.


We filmed videos and captured photos of events and staff to use for social media platforms and websites. For retail training videos, we worked with Shaver Shop staff members to make sure they are comfortable in front of a camera, in order to create a more genuine and engaging training experience. For the event showcase videos, we talked with employees to hear their expertise, and we talked with customers to get their praises for the products and services.


We saved Shaver Shop thousands of dollars by creating training videos for them. Instead of sending staff members to every location (which involves paying for flights and hotel stays), Shaver Shop uploads their training videos onto their Learning Management System, allowing staff members in Australia and New Zealand to view the training online. These videos are updated every year.

When the Dafni Hair Straightening Brush came out, Shaver Shop held a huge event to promote the product. The videos we created showcasing the event garnered 159,000 views on Facebook, and 213 shares.

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