Corporate Video Production Case Study
– Wattyl

Corporate Video Production Case Study
– Wattyl

Videos created for manufacturing company

Successfully delivered training videos, social media, advertising, and promotions for the last 6 years.

The Client

Wattyl has been manufacturing and marketing premium paint and coatings for over a century. Based in Australia, the company has provided material for a wide variety of projects, from apartments to hospitals.


To create internal training videos to explain how to use products, and showcase videos to promote Wattyl Spectrum. Also, create testimonials, social media videos, and industrial photography in order to get more architects involved with Wattyl.


For the training videos and testimonials, we filmed professionals in the field to explain techniques and praise the products. It creates a stronger sense of realism, and people are more likely to believe actual professionals over paid actors. For the event showcases, the videos are bright and colourful, portraying the fun and excitement.


We partnered with Wattyl to meet all their production needs, from training – which saved them from spending money on travel costs – to promotional videos.

Thanks to the showcase videos, Wattyl Spectrum event in Melbourne drew in a massive crowd, and the Wattyl Spectrum event in Sydney was sold out.

We have gone international by creating content for Wattyl’s parent company, Sherwin Williams, and Valspar (another subsidiary of Sherwin Williams), to use around the world.


“These projects helped us reach our primary business goals - to create videos that showcased our products and trained out staff - and the results are a more engaged audience and a whole new level of attention from staff, prospects and customers. Video projects with Visual Production Agency has definitely been valuable. Video technology allows us to be on a competitive level with our competitors and to express ourselves visually.”

- Jasmine Moey, Marketing Services Executive, Wattyl

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