How video is shaping the future of marketing

February 15, 2023

It’s everywhere. It’s something we get a fix of every day. It’s something we can’t live without.

Video is embedded into our lives as much as the air we breathe or the food we eat. It’s estimated there will be close to 1 million minutes of video crossing the internet per second by 2020.

But what does this mean for the future of marketing?

Video has paid off handsomely for businesses and more are jumping on board because video is altering the face of marketing as we know it. We’ve broken down some of the biggest game-changers in marketing coming with the rise of video.

Seize Video Opportunities On Alternative Platforms

Fresh players and burgeoning trends have shifted the normal conversation around video.

Social news aggregator Reddit is one of world’s most popular websites, and they’ve recently rolled out video hosting services. Platforms like Twitch are built largely to host live streams, which are growing faster than any other form of video content.

The emergence of these platforms creates new marketing opportunities to better engage and interact with your customers, so it’s vital to understand them as much as possible.

Revolutionise Your Sales Process

Creating 1:1 videos is an effective way to check in with customers or leads and make sure your message gets heard.

1:1 videos allow you to change how you sell your product, service or solution to your customer base, from introducing yourself to personalised demonstrations of what you do.

Watching a video is more engaging and less time consuming than reading through a white paper, slideshow, or lengthy email. Viewers not only retain more information this way, but are more likely to feel a personal connection to you and your business.

It’s Easier Than Ever with Vertical Video

Vertical is the simplest way to record mobile videos, but it never made for an enjoyable viewing experience – until now.

Now with videos mostly being consumed on vertical devices, the vertical video is officially a trend. Instagram have taken it a step further by launching IGTV, a platform dedicated to vertical videos allowing uploads videos up to an hour long.

If you’ve been worrying about how you can record compelling video without a big budget, worry no more. It’s never been simpler.

Let Video Unleash Your Creativity

New video technology has transformed how businesses approach marketing, meaning there’s more room for you to be creative than ever before.

Long form strategies are new and ambitious, allowing influencers and video marketers alike to find new brand partners. From product explanations and walkthroughs to reviews and unboxing videos, businesses have found creative and entertaining ways to make long form content that boosts audience retention and engagement.

Making a high-quality video series gives you a chance to slow down, explore big questions, chase your passions, and say something meaningful about the work you do.

Turn Your Team Into Video Wizards

Apps like Snapchat, Instagram and the previously mentioned IGTV mean your employees have video tools at their fingertips and can create brand content instantly.

Internal talent create value through industry knowledge and the sincere, personal quality of their content. This lets businesses tailor their content to create a distinctive tone and voice to their content marketing.

Therefore, it’s best to talk to your content marketers and determine what sort of content you want representing your brand in order to control and make the most out of the many video tools available out there.

Video Agencies Will Break New Ground

2019 will see changes in how video companies and agencies operate. The early adopters of script-to-screen and turnkey production companies are in a good spot to transform again towards the new realm of “video content agencies.”

With growing demand for diverse types of video content, from longform and live video to short ads and micro-social moments, businesses will need comprehensive video services with creative solutions to meet the insatiable demand.

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