How to Make Your Event Look Good on Camera

You may have seen our article about why your business should capitalize on corporate events to create an events video. One of the main reasons why companies don’t make the most of their events is the fear that their events could damage their image rather than improving it. However, by following these 3 easy tips, you can make sure that your event looks as fantastic on camera as it did in real life!

Tip 1: Start Filming Early On

An event video should focus on an event, right? So shouldn’t it stand to reason that you only need to start recording when the event is underway? It’s actually better to have some shots of the preparation process, so that the amount of work that you’ve put into the event is visible. This also helps your video to tell a story. Seeing the guests arrive at the start is a great way to achieve this objective.

By the same token, try to get all of the footage that you need before it gets too late. Events that run on late into the night will often get more casual as they go on and alcohol consumption tends to increase at this point. If you want your event to look professional, filming your guests at the start rather than the end is a good idea.

Tip 2: Adjust Lighting and Recording Equipment

If you’ve hired a professional crew to take care of filming, you shouldn’t have to worry about light, sound or picture quality. However, if you’re filming it yourself, this should be your top priority. Many people will spend hours on filming and realize that the footage that they’ve shot on their phone or digital camera is unfit for purpose.

Check the quality of videos on your device beforehand and make sure that you’re happy with the picture that your camera will produce. Make sure your event is well lit at all times, as dark places don’t tend to come across well on video. Check the sound quality too by recording voices. It is extremely difficult to make sound less muffled, even with the best editing software around, and you won’t get another chance to record the same event again.

Tip 3: Make Use of Editing and Post-Production Software

Editing software exists to make you and your event look better and it’s not enough to just compile all of your footage into one video. Cutting parts of the video that don’t reflect well on your event is a necessity. Make sure that there’s a story to the night too, by starting things off at the beginning and finishing with a shot of your guests leaving. Color correction adds a lot to videos and can be accomplished through programs like Adobe Premiere or Lightworks.

Again, if you have engaged a film crew to record your event, this step is not as important. They will usually present the video to you after extensive editing, so all you’ll need to do is provide company logos for them to include. Many production companies welcome communication at all stages of the production process and you shouldn’t be afraid to review footage and give your opinion on the video before everything is finalized.

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