How to Create a Professional Training Video

February 15, 2023

Training videos offer a wide range of advantages over in-person training. People can access videos from anywhere and learn in their own time, with the option of re-watching a clip again if they don’t understand the first time or just need a refresher course. The instructor can also deliver a presentation just once to the camera and the possibility of an employee missing out on key advice that occurs with in-person training is entirely removed.

That sounds great, you might be thinking, but how do I apply it to my own business? Creating high quality videos that keep audiences focused and engaged sounds like a difficult task, and indeed, there’s a lot to consider. But by following these simple rules, you can start the production process for a set of videos that will revolutionize your training platform.

The Planning Process:

Before you start researching cameras and film crews in your area, it’s important to know exactly what you want to teach your employees.

Discuss what content needs to be included and what kind of message you want to put across. This should ideally result in a list of key points to discuss or even a script containing the key information that people need to hear.

Filming Your Video:

The easiest way to produce a professional training video is with the help of a Professional Video Production Company. They will take care of hiring talent, filming high definition footage and editing the video so that it looks and sounds professional enough to share within your business.

If you want to undertake this process alone, make sure to hire a camera with the definition and storage space to finish your video, and be consistent. The lighting, backgrounds and sound quality all need to remain the same throughout the video, so avoid filming when the light is rapidly changing or where there is likely to be disruption from vehicles or passers-by.


A video showing one actor in one room delivering lines to the camera is a terrible way to present information and will lose the viewer’s attention early on. It’s important to keep things moving; one way of doing this is to use a voiceover and simultaneously show people following instructions onscreen.

Make sure that your video is not too long. The optimum length is 5-10 minutes and 20 minutes is the maximum recommended amount of time to keep someone’s attention glued to the screen. If need be, you can split up the video into segments so the audience is less likely to get bored.

By following these rules for video production, you can ensure that your training video meets industry standards and gives employees all of the information they need to do their jobs. And if you’re based out of the Melbourne area, visit our website at: to see some of the training videos that we’ve made in the past.

Alternatively, contact our friendly team at: 0393510002 to see what we could do for your business!

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