Creative Branding with Corporate Video Production

When it comes to marketing your brand, you need to cover all your bases. These days, simply providing good blogs and web content doesn’t cut it anymore. You have to make an effort to use a variety of media to spread your message as far as possible.

Currently, video is the way forward.

It gives you a great tool for speaking directly to your customers, making them feel connected on a deeper level, and giving them valuable information. But to maximise your impact, you need professionally produced videos that portray your company in its best light.

If you’re still not convinced, then you might want to consider the fact that 54% of consumers want to see more videos from the brands they support. Here’s how corporate video productions can help you boost your brand:

Why you Need Corporate Video Production

Here are just a few of the benefits of brand video productions:

    • Communicate directly with your customers: When you use videos on your website, you’ll get a higher search engine ranking because Google prioritises sites with video content.
    • Boost social media posts: Video production for your business is a great way to attract visitors to your social media platforms and to keep them coming back for more.
    • Make your marketing memorable: Promotional video production helps people remember who you are and what products/services you’re offering which increases your brand awareness.
  • Convey information easily: Another benefit of promotional video production is that it’s easier to follow than text alone. This is not only because it’s more visually appealing, but also because it keeps viewers interested. What’s more, video content is easy for people to share with their friends, which extends your reach.

Styles of Corporate Video That Add Value

Not all corporate videos are created the same. If you want to make the best impression, you should choose a variety of styles that will entertain and inform. Here are some examples:

    • Genuine and Inspirational: This type of video is designed to highlight your company ethos and inspire viewers. You can use it to show the passion behind your company and to highlight any positive influences you make on your community. For example, you could tell the story of how your company is helping to support a local non-profit organisation or educating young people about your industry.
    • Humorous and Informational: Video viewers enjoy watching content that makes them laugh, so if you can convey valuable information about your company with a smile, you’ve got their attention. This is particularly effective on social media platforms. Users tend to turn to them after their working day is over, to relax and escape from their daily stressors.
    • Hip and Sophisticated: This style of corporate video is particularly effective if you are trying to attract a younger audience. It’s a good way to attract loyal subscribers by showing how your company is relevant in today’s world. For example, you could create a video series that shows how your products or services ease customer pain points.
  • The Traditional Approach: Not all corporate videos need to inspire or contain humour. Sometimes you just need to focus on an educational perspective.
    The traditional style is particularly useful if you want to encourage your business team or inform your investors. Typically a traditional style video will give a clear perspective on new business tools or services.
    It will portray your company culture in all its glory.

Contexts for your Corporate Video Production

Style is an important aspect of brand video production, but so is context, which is determined by your target audience and will also influence the content of your video. Here are some examples:

    • Promotional video: This type of video is designed to showcase a specific service or product. It aims to increase your brand recognition and help people remember your company name and logo.
    • Company profile: if you’re new to your specific industry, a company profile video can go a long way in helping your gain a foothold. This type of video is usually short and to the point. It highlights your company and explains what you offer.
    • Industrial information: This format can be a valuable asset if you are within the B2B sector. It provides information to potential customers who have a deeper level of knowledge of the subject. For example, if you sell industrial air-cleaning devices, it could be a video on how they improve safety within the workplace.
  • Recruitment videos: If you are looking to start hiring, recruitment videos are a great way to tap into the talent pool. Use them to reflect your company’s unique personality and show the benefits that come with being a part of your team. You can use them on social media, your website, and employee recruitment websites.
  • Training and on-boarding: Videos are excellent for staff training because they save time and they can be watched over again as often as needed. Employees can also watch them at home in their own time.
  • Inter-departmental videos: If you need to share information within your company or with your investors about coming changes, you can use internal communication videos to transmit this information concisely. They can also be used to outline company policies, congratulate employees on achieving a goal, or discuss an upcoming product release.
  • A glimpse behind the scenes: If you want to show your customers how your business really ticks, you can use corporate documentary videos to increase your company’s transparency. By highlighting long-standing members of your team, you can tell the story of your corporate history in a way that will garner customer loyalty.

Overall, corporate videos enable you to tell your company story in an interesting and entertaining way that is effective even for small businesses. You also have a lot of flexibility with style, content, and placement, which can help you to increase your brand awareness and maximise your audience reach.