Does your business hold any corporate events, like networking dinners, holiday parties or team building days? For most organizations, these events exist only to boost staff morale and so they are missing out on some of the exciting opportunities that become available when an event is filmed. Read on to see 5 key reasons why you should consider recording your next event!

1.Video Presents Your Event in a Professional Light

Next time you’re scrolling through your social media feed after an office party, count how many images captured by mobile phones and grainy videos of the previous night’s events you can see. Most people will capture their own footage, but it doesn’t tend to show your business to its best advantage.

A video production company will produce footage of a much higher quality and can spend time with you in the editing room to pick out the aspects of the event that you most want to showcase. That way, you can share one single recording that encapsulates the evening without fear of embarrassment.

2. Video Personalizes Your Business

One of the greatest advantages of using video in the business world is the customer engagement that it creates. Filming corporate events allows the audience to see your employees’ faces and creates a personal connection with your business by seeing some of the people who work there.

This personal connection directly influences interest in your brand and over three quarters of businesses say that video provides a good return on investment, making it worthwhile to have a film crew handle your filming and post-production process.

3. Video Event Footage has Infinite Uses

Once you have a recording of your event, you can post it online for the world to see, but there are also many other things you can do with your video. Professionally shot and edited footage of people chatting and laughing at an event is perfect content for a TV or web-based advert and can be used in other projects too.

If your business ever needs to create a corporate message or training video, footage of your employees is readily available and when colleagues are collating material for a leaving do, you can intersperse clips filmed at events with interviews to create an engaging and highly personalized video.

4. Video Broadcasts Your Event to a Wider Audience

Websites like Google and Facebook will automatically promote your video content above posts that only include text or images. A third of all online traffic comes from people watching videos and social media posts including at least one video are up to 80% more likely to be seen by a wide audience.

Online web pages, too, are becoming increasingly visual and soon text-based web pages will be replaced with playlists of video content. Stay ahead of the curve by producing videos now that can be used well into your company’s future.

5. Video Enhances Brand Recognition

When someone watches a video online for the first time, they will typically pay attention for eight seconds before deciding whether to switch off or keep watching.

By including a company logo at the beginning of your video, you will ensure that the audience at least reads the name of your business. Events videos tend to have higher than average levels of audience engagement because of their decorative settings, shots of people interacting and great storytelling potential.

Hopefully you can now see the importance of filming your business events and replacing the static images on your company’s website with something more relevant, modern and engaging. Video marketing is on the rise and the marketplace is only just beginning to understand the importance of visual material in addition to text.

Now is the perfect time to update the way you present your company online, so get in touch with your nearest video production company to see what they can do for you.

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In the world of business, trust is a difficult thing to earn.

No one wants to be cheated out of their hard earned wages and so consumers are likely to prefer well-known brands, dismissing smaller businesses because they simply do not know enough about them. Research has shown that most people will only look at the first three results of a Google search and will decide who to buy from in less than twenty seconds.

Businesses without the instant brand recognition and a spot at the top of Google’s search engine have to work much harder to get their messages across to people and to see the returns that come from a loyal customer base.

However, there is an easy solution out there for small businesses wanting to earn the trust of the public. Videos are a proven way to build a rapport with your audience, showing that your business is responsible and giving consumers a reason to scroll further down a page of search results.

The difference between viewing a static image of a smartphone and watching a colorful, multimedia video about the phone is immeasurable. Sound, visuals and emotional stimuli all contribute to a video, initially grabbing the viewer’s attention and keeping them interested.

Over half of consumers say that they had the confidence to start purchasing online from a business after watching a short promotional video and it isn’t a coincidence that one single advert can appear on TV several times in a single ad break. The more often people see an advert, the more likely they are to trust that brand and the more likely they are to search for their products.

By providing people with interesting and useful information about what you can do for them in a video format, you can create more than just brand awareness. Including a call-to-action in your videos will encourage potential customers to click on a link to your website.

You might be thinking that there’s nothing video can do to improve your placement in search engine results, but again video advertising has far more potential than many people realize. Companies with videos embedded in their websites rise up the search engine ranks far more rapidly, because consumers will stay longer on their sites.

In fact, you are 53 times more likely to show up first in a Google search if your website includes just one video, making video advertising a must for businesses who want to expand.

Here at Visual Production Agency, our team can work with you every step of the way to create a video that you can use across multiple platforms, to get your voice heard and build trust in your brand. Contact Us or call our friendly team at 03 9351 0002.

You may have seen our article about why your business should capitalize on corporate events to create an events video. One of the main reasons why companies don’t make the most of their events is the fear that their events could damage their image rather than improving it. However, by following these 3 easy tips, you can make sure that your event looks as fantastic on camera as it did in real life!

Tip 1: Start Filming Early On

An event video should focus on an event, right? So shouldn’t it stand to reason that you only need to start recording when the event is underway? It’s actually better to have some shots of the preparation process, so that the amount of work that you’ve put into the event is visible. This also helps your video to tell a story. Seeing the guests arrive at the start is a great way to achieve this objective.

By the same token, try to get all of the footage that you need before it gets too late. Events that run on late into the night will often get more casual as they go on and alcohol consumption tends to increase at this point. If you want your event to look professional, filming your guests at the start rather than the end is a good idea.

Tip 2: Adjust Lighting and Recording Equipment

If you’ve hired a professional crew to take care of filming, you shouldn’t have to worry about light, sound or picture quality. However, if you’re filming it yourself, this should be your top priority. Many people will spend hours on filming and realize that the footage that they’ve shot on their phone or digital camera is unfit for purpose.

Check the quality of videos on your device beforehand and make sure that you’re happy with the picture that your camera will produce. Make sure your event is well lit at all times, as dark places don’t tend to come across well on video. Check the sound quality too by recording voices. It is extremely difficult to make sound less muffled, even with the best editing software around, and you won’t get another chance to record the same event again.

Tip 3: Make Use of Editing and Post-Production Software

Editing software exists to make you and your event look better and it’s not enough to just compile all of your footage into one video. Cutting parts of the video that don’t reflect well on your event is a necessity. Make sure that there’s a story to the night too, by starting things off at the beginning and finishing with a shot of your guests leaving. Color correction adds a lot to videos and can be accomplished through programs like Adobe Premiere or Lightworks.

Again, if you have engaged a film crew to record your event, this step is not as important. They will usually present the video to you after extensive editing, so all you’ll need to do is provide company logos for them to include. Many production companies welcome communication at all stages of the production process and you shouldn’t be afraid to review footage and give your opinion on the video before everything is finalized.

For businesses in the Melbourne area, Visual Production Agency team can work with you every step of the way to create an event video that you can be proud of.
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Although it may appear easy, video production is actually very complicated and can be quite a daunting prospect for a beginner. Mistakes are common and can lead to wasted time and money.

Here are 6 of our top-tips to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes:

1. Not preparing a script:

In our experience frequently we have seen people believing they can provide off the cuff un prepared remarks. In-fact this is a real difficult skill and more often than not people struggle and get flustered. Instead we recommend using an effective script. A script will help save time by getting straight to the message, and thus not needing numerous re-cuts to try and get the message better. At the same time an effective script needs to hit to spot or it will lose viewers’ attention, and ultimately prove the video to be less watchable, and thus losing potential income. With the usage of our tele-prompter in studio we can ensure the message to be on point, and to save as much time as possible, in a cost-effective manner.

2. Film in a location knowing the lighting:

Continuity is crucial to a professional looking video. It is important that your location will be able to sustain filming for your entire production. As well when filming outdoors it is crucial to be prepared for changing weather conditions, sunlight can block what you are trying to film, and a new shadow can block your filming. This will mean needing to re-film costing you time and money. If you are prepared for different lighting this will not be a problem, however to obtain the equipment to ensure this will not be cheap if you are only going to use it once.

3. Not using your video correctly:

Not using your video correctly can make the entire production a waste of time and money. Just uploading your video onto YouTube will not guarantee your video to be a success. Instead you will need to adopt a marketing strategy and plan in order to make your time and money worthwhile, video alone doesn’t guarantee success. To help make your video a success you should adopt a marketing strategy to make your video seen and worthwhile for its production. We can help tailor a marketing strategy to fit your unique needs to ensure value to your video.

4. Not preparing for the location:

Location can be crucial for a filming session. It is crucial to know exactly where the filming will take place, every location has its own peculiarities, and you will need to make certain that your equipment will suit the venue. Not only this, different location suits different videos, a corporate information video should not be filmed in an in-formal surrounding. Our green-screen studio and filming knowledge will ensure that the setting to be appropriate for the video you are making.

5. Using basic video editing software:

On the face of it, it appears easy edit a film without a problem with basic software like iMovie on the Mac. The problem with taking the easy route is that it can very easily look cheap and generic. While jumping straight into the professional software for those not used to image manipulation can seem overwhelming and difficult. Instead you will waste hours trying to make a simple video, which a professional editor could do in minutes, so don’t bother wasting your time and money on new software!

6. Not hiring a professional team:

Although you may think it is possible to do everything yourself in-fact it will often be cheaper and quicker to hire a professional team. By hiring a professional team, you are not only hiring their equipment to produce a higher quality video, but also their knowhow. With their knowledge they will be able to capture and edit faster than you. For price effectiveness a professional team will bring the equipment and software, meaning you won’t need to buy any pricey goods for a one-time shoot. So not only do you save money and time, but you will also receive a higher quality video produced just for you.

Want to make certain to not commit any of the above mistakes? If so contact us at Visual Production Agency by email at; or call us at 03 9351 0002.

A corporate message is a fantastic way to inform people about what is going on at the top level of your business. Important announcements, like a change of management or company vision, need to be put across in a manner that will be easy to understand and reassuring for employees who might be worried about their job security.

Not only do corporate message videos stand out from the usual text-based email communications that most businesses spread around, but using video also personalizes the message that you’re trying to get across. There’s no way that you can sit down with every one of your employees face-to-face, but a video allows them to see you and to get a sense of your passion about the company.

Read on to see how you can use a video message to its best advantage for your next company-wide announcement!

Tip 1: Refine Your Message

Think of a few basic points that you want your employees to know and write them down in simple terms. If you don’t like the idea of memorizing a script, why not keep things authentic with a list of talking points? You could even use a teleprompter to get a balance of speaking off-the-cuff and remaining on-message.

The optimum length for one of these videos is just a few minutes, so you’ll want to get your ideas across quickly and in a way that’s easy to understand. If you need to address several different topics, consider creating a series of videos and sending them out one at a time. People are much more likely to play one video than a whole list.

Tip 2: Use Humor

You might be skeptical about this one. After all, you only have a short time to say what you need to say and making jokes could come across as unprofessional. However, humor is one of your most important tools to keep peoples’ eyes on the screen.

If you’re still unconvinced, look up the corporate messages that French company, Publicis Groupe, posts on YouTube every year. These videos each have a different gimmick, making them immensely watchable and the President, Maurice Lévy, lets his sense of humor come across in a way that will have you laughing out loud in the middle of your office.

Tip 3: Inject Your Own Personality

A video message needs to be engaging, so you’re going to want to put across some of your personality. An easy way to do this is filming the video in your office with a few personal touches around you.

Alternatively, choosing an outfit that reflects your personality is another way to stand out. Most CEOs will choose to dress smartly, but if you want to show employees a more laid back side, a more casual outfit or something related to your favorite pastimes can also work on video.

Tip 4: Manage Your Energy Levels

Energy is great. A CEO who speaks confidently and uses gestures to illustrate their speech is going to come across well, but there’s a fine line between energy and agitation when you’re watching a screen, so try not to move around too much, or fidget with your hands or clothes.

By smiling before you step out in front of the camera and taking a few deep breaths, you’ll find that the fear of being filmed soon evaporates. Most people relax more over the course of an interview or speech, so make sure that you do a few takes and choose the one that displays the right mixture of passion and gravity.

Tip 5: Invite Communication

Video allows you to speak directly to your employees, but they can’t reply to you. Or can they? Setting up a Call-To-Action at the end of your video allows you to give employees a link to a page where they can fill in a short survey about how well the video worked or what they thought of your message.

This allows you to gain some great, free feedback about the changes that your company is undergoing and about how well the video worked. If employees have any questions, they can easily send them in. As well as helping you to develop your strategy, this will let your staff know that they are valued and listened to, instantly improving their outlook on the company.

Remember these tips the next time you find yourself on camera. A new corporate message video could help you to get ahead of your competitors, increase employee satisfaction and even get your company featured in the news.

Hiring a professional film crew will help you to create the highest quality product possible, so look up your nearest video production company today. And if you’re based in the Melbourne area, visit our website at: Visual Production Agency to see some of the corporate videos that we’ve created. Alternatively,contact our friendly team at 03 9351 0002 to see what we could do for your business!

A question we are frequently asked is how to write a good script, in particular how to write a good script that will help to sell your business and brand. In order to write a good script there are three key areas which you must remember to take into account, namely that the script must reflect that of your business strategy and plan, it must be concise and to the point, and the language and the script must be able to sound good on camera.

Reflecting your Business Strategy.

A good script must be able to reflect the brand that you are trying to portray, for example a quirky start-up would not be wanting to use old-fashioned English to reflect their market. Instead it is vital to understand your brand and your consumer in order to write a script that reflects you. Furthermore, the script needs to match with the other messages that your company has already produced or would like to produce this way you are selling your common message to your target, and helps re-inforce the brand image you are trying to create.

Making your script Concise and to the point.

Nobody wants to watch a clip of 20 minutes when the same information could be told in 2. It is vital to keep your script to the point and make certain to keep people’s attention. Research has shown that the majority of YouTube viewers would be willing to watch an advertisement up to 15 seconds only! This demonstrates just how to the point your message must be. If your message is brought across successfully people will be willing to invest more time to find out more about who you are, and what you do. In the case of a video targeting staff, the same rules apply, keep it clear and keep it concise and that way people will be willing to listen and willing to learn.

Sounding good on camera

Too often when people write a script for camera, they forget the difference between it reading good and being read well. Just because it sounds good in the writer’s head, does not mean it will correlate when being spoken. To avoid this, avoid overly fancy words and read it out-loud. This is crucial to bring across the message you want.

Here at Visual Production Agency we will help bring your script to life, or write you the perfect script for your video. Why spend all the money on pretty visual, if nobody will listen to your message due to a poor script? We can offer you the whole package from a stunning visual production to a perfect script that will be in-sync with the video to help bring your message to life.

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You’re sitting on the sofa, watching TV after a busy day and you can’t be bothered to change the channel in the commercial break. Odds are, a few of the adverts you’ll see will be mildly entertaining, a couple might make you think about buying a new product and the rest will be instantly forgettable.

So, how do you make sure that your advert is one that stays in the viewer’s mind after it has disappeared from the screen? It’s easier than you think. By avoiding these 5 major mistakes that companies make when they produce adverts, you can ensure that your ad will attract business.

Mistake 1: Unclear Message

An advert’s purpose is to make the audience do something, whether it’s making a purchase, checking out a website or inspiring them to find out about a project that’s going on. The message of an advert is crucial to achieving this goal.

It has to be simple and memorable. There’s no point in giving people a set of complicated instructions to follow and the ending of the ad should make it clear what they should do next.

Mistake 2: Badly Written Script

The script of an advert can be written by anyone from production companies, to marketing departments, to the CEO of the business. Sometimes there is no editing process and filming has to take place with a sub-par script that will lead to a boring, or even an unintentionally hilarious video.

Adverts can be terribly written and produced, but they can also be inspirational, just ask Samsung Australia. Their recent advert showcases the Australian Diamonds Netball team and has motivated young women to get involved in the sport.

Mistake 3: Old Fashioned Graphics

The font and logos in a video are more important than you might think. Using old or overly simple graphics will make your advert seem old fashioned before it has even been screened. Most video production companies will collaborate with you to create animations, and new variations of your brand’s logo and color schemes.

Mistake 4: Wooden Acting

This is a problem that many adverts face. The down-to-earth appeal of ordinary folk on camera may seem like an easy way to save money and make a memorable advert, but when you use customer testimonials or employees as the talent in the video, you run the risk of bad acting ruining your video.

The option of hiring a presenter to get your message across is an easy solution to this problem. Experienced actors can be hired easily by production companies, giving you peace of mind about the quality of your footage.

Mistake 5: Poor Quality

Most companies will have a video filmed without understanding concepts like pixilation, bit rates and compression, and that’s fine. You don’t have to be trained in the art of video production to create an advert when you’re working with a professional team, but you should know which platforms you want to place the videos on.

Compression rates depend on the screens that your ad will be seen on, so you have to make a decision about where you want to engage with audiences beforehand. TV ads have to be extremely high quality, or they will appear blurry on the screen.

So, these are the biggest stumbling blocks that businesses face when creating their own videos. If you want to create a memorable advert, get in touch with us today at Best Video Production Agency to ensure that the video you’ll be getting is of the highest standard.

When a small business is looking for an image to represent their brand too often they turn to the “stock photo.” A stock photo is a commercially of common subjects which are available to purchase and then be used royalty free. Because of this commercial nature the photos are available to all, and who knows what other promotions the photo you want may have been used for. Not only, do you run the risk of the photo being used in a nature contrary to your brand design and ethos, but also stock photos generally are designed to look in a way a viewer can identify as a stock photo.

So how do you avoid the perils of using a stock photo, its simple really! Today we can provide personalised branded photography for your company, but why should you opt for this solution?

Personalised content allows you to get all the benefits of the stock photo namely royalty free use, but it produces further benefits! Firstly, the photos are authentic and genuine to you, designed and tailored to your needs, not the needs of a Stock photo company with the desire to sell as many copies of an image as it can. Your own branded image means you are in control, and thus this allows you the true essence of your brand. Through using your own branding, it gives you an image you can portray to the world proudly.

Furthermore, with the importance of social media competition for small businesses has never been harder. Personalised elite quality images will make your profile stand-out, and with the full editing service being provided the images will be ready to post straight-away, and give your brand a unique image to represent exclusively who you are.

Here at Visual Production Agency we can offer you the very best personalised branded photography with state of the art equipment and one of the best photographers in Melbourne. We can cater to whatever your needs, through consultation and discussion to exactly what your business wants. Contact us to discuss the potential to make your brand stand out, and for you to bring your companies marketing to the next level.
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It’s one of those pesky questions that come up when you first decide to make a video for your business: How long should it go for?

One 2016 study found 80% of businesses thought video ads were a very important part of their marketing plans useful in grabbing the attention of their market and acquiring more clients.

Another study found 60% of people said they would prefer watching a 20-30 second video about a company rather than reading about it.

So what is the right video length for your business?

The answer depends greatly on the message you are trying to get across and the media you are using to get your brand noticed out into the market place.

Take the results of this recent research from the US on YouTube video ads which neatly dovetails with our experience.

Three versions of an ad were trialled: a 15 second, a 30 second and a 2 minute plus version of an ad with the same message.

The shortest version featured a voice-over and a few scenes with the product appearing at the six-second mark before ending with the brand’s logo and tagline.

The short length was though to make the 15 second version less skippable without sacrificing the narrative or the brand effectiveness.

The 30-second cut allowed for more detail and story dimension, and included more scenes for video to draw viewers in, yet was still relatively short.

The 2-minutes plus long-form version added a greater degree of richness particularly to the final scenes allowing for a more layered story.

To the author’s surprise (but not ours) it was the long form version which proved be stronger. The 2-minute ad achieved far more views than the 15-second ad, while it was the 30-second ad which was the least skipped.

The 15-second ad version was the most skipped.

The 30-second ad had the highest view-through rate (VTR), in fact it was 30% higher than that of the 15-second spot.

Time isn’t everything!
While run time is an important consideration, it’s actually the information you want to get across and the way you structure the story which is the most important.

The first 5 seconds in a video is the most vital; it’s your chance to hook the viewers, engage and intrigue them enough to make them want to watch more.

If your message is relatively straightforward, a simple ‘raise a question, provide an answer’ coupled with eye catching creativity will keep your viewers hooked.

However, if you need to set the context, provide more detailed information and then match your brand’s promise with a complex offer, you should really aim for a longer video.

Over a decade’s experience of working with a range of clients at Visual Production Agency has taught us these simple rules:

No matter which length is right for you, we recommend you speak with us first before getting too far down the creative road.

To find out more, contact the team at Visual Production Agency or call 03 9351 0002.

Using a professionally shot video is the most resilient new trend in brand marketing – one that’s seen growth of 63% over the last year.

But it’s not just marketing agencies driving the huge growth of videos online. A growing number of YouTubers are creating their own presence and reaching out to hundreds, thousands, sometimes millions of viewers.

Partly this is thanks to the increasing capabilities and sophistication of editing software, which as seen the cost of producing a video plummet.

That’s great news for a professional studio like ours, meaning we can now produce a slick commercial video for as little as $2,000.

But what if you’re a student or an aspiring YouTuber, which is the right video editing software for you?

Adobe Premiere Pro.

Adobe’s mission to ‘own’ the creative industry has given the retail market Premiere Pro, a reasonably powerful editing tool.

Adobe Premiere Pro is an all-encompassing platform with arguably every feature you’re likely to need as an aspiring video producer with the great advantage that you can use it alongside other Adobe programs like Photoshop and Lightroom.

The quality of content you can produce with Premiere Pro can be quite impressive. Premiere Pro’s ability to quickly edit your video and audio is especially helpful.

But the drawback is that even for digital cowboys, this program requires one heck of a learning curve.

Premiere Pro also swallows a hefty chunk of your hard drive plus you will need extra space for the Media Encoder and your files.

And beware, if you are subscribing to Premiere Pro CC, you may see many of your working files disappear if you end your subscription.

Final Cut Pro X.

What Premiere Pro is for Windows PCs, Final Cut Pro is for Mac users.

Of all the packages on the retail market, Final Cut Pro is arguably the most intuitive and it comes packed full of features.
The great advantage of Final Cut Pro X is that it gives you all your media elements in one program, including importing and capturing functions consolidated into one panel.

The filmstrip provides an at-a-glance view of your footage and the media browser helps you find the files you wish to import.

The biggest downside is that Final Cut Pro X is only available for macOS, which makes it hard to collaborate across platforms.

Vegas Pro.

This Sony package is actually aimed at professionals, but even if you aren’t in the media industry, it could still be worth investing in.

Vegas Pro enables skilled users to employ hundreds of audio and video effects thanks to its fully-featured editor which slices and dices content comparatively easily.

And it’s a good choice for YouTubers as there are a good number of free and paid plugins available online.

The big negative with Vegas Pro is its purchase price which is quite expensive.

For students or aspiring YouTubers, producing and editing videos yourself is a great way to build up your skills and get your message out to the world.

But for commercial applications, remember even small editing mistakes will make your company look like a rank amateur.

If you want your brand to benefit from TV broadcast quality video, get in touch with Video Production Agency at or call 03 9351 0002.

With our proven video production process and highly experienced team, we will make your marketing dreams come true at a price you can afford.