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Introducing State Revenue Office (SRO)

The State Revenue Office (SRO) is Victoria’s primary authority for taxation administration. Responsible for managing state taxation and revenue matters, the SRO ensures compliance with tax laws and facilitates fair revenue collection. With a commitment to transparency and integrity, it provides taxpayer support, online services, and assistance to contribute to Victoria’s economic development.

Our Relationship

Our relationship with the SRO began in early 2023 when they approached multiple video production agencies with a tender proposal. After a week of rigorous planning, questioning, and crafting our proposal, we were delighted to secure the project. The task involved creating three videos: one showcasing the SRO work environment, another highlighting their values, and the last introducing the team members. The project, which took three full days to film, required comprehensive support, including drafting questionnaires, storyboarding, and briefing all participants to ensure their comfort and readiness for filming. Our successful collaboration led to further projects, including internal and external videos, reinforcing our strong working relationship with the SRO.

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Behind the Scenes Video Production
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Types Of Projects Completed

Photography – behind the scenes and headshots 
On-site video production – Marketing and Recruitment Videos

Production Location(s)

On Location at State Revenue Head Office – Melbourne CBD and Ballarat

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