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Introducing Good Shepherd

Good Shepherd is a non-profit organisation dedicated to supporting women, girls, and families in need across Australia and around the world. Through various programs and initiatives, Good Shepherd works to address issues such as poverty, inequality, and social exclusion. Their services encompass financial empowerment, education, housing support, and family violence prevention. With a focus on empowerment and social justice, Good Shepherd strives to create positive change and build stronger, more resilient communities.

Our Relationship

We were referred to Good Shepherd back in 2022, which is always something we appreciate, and we have been working closely with them ever since. We have collaborated with various departments within Good Shepherd, supporting them by creating videos for their NILs Program (No Interest Loans), LaunchMe Program, and Financial Independence Hub.

video work

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Types Of Projects Completed

Photography – behind the scenes, head shots & events
On site video productions – Marketing Videos

Production Location(s)

Good Shepherd Head Office – Melbourne CBD
Melbourne CBD
Glenelg South – Adelaide 
Mornington – Victoria
Caulfield North – Victoria
Rye – Victoria

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