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Video has long been a popular tool for marketers and the pandemic has only increased its importance for business marketing. One particularly valuable tool that’s long been a staple for business marketing is the use of testimonial videos. Billions of people consume videos online worldwide each year on business websites, social media, and more. Today, let’s learn what they are and how you can use them to increase interest in your construction-related business or other upcoming projects.

What is a business testimonial video?

Nothing sells a construction project better than visuals, especially video. Using video testimonials, video case studies, and other types of content marketing video is not new. What is new, however, is the ability of today’s video storytellers and production companies to quickly produce high-quality video content marketing tailored to the building and construction industry.

One particularly powerful tool is the testimonial video, which instills prospects with confidence via recommendations from your best marketing tool—satisfied customers speaking on your business’ behalf.

Why use business testimonial videos

So, what makes testimonial videos so special?

Video marketing is particularly impactful because people are more likely to respond to visual storytelling than other forms of marketing. It’s a fact, humans are wired to process visuals quicker than text. Studies show that people comprehend visual content in less than half a second, much more rapidly than written text. Knowing that, perhaps it’s no surprise that 92% of marketers consider video an integral part of their marketing strategy.

Testimonial videos can be used to put a face to other customers, help prospects connect with your business. When implemented well, they can take prospects on a journey, convincing them of your business’ ability to help them solve their problem.

Use testimonial videos to tell your brand story

Your brand’s story is an important part of your marketing strategy. Leveraging the power of persuasive testimonial videos for your business is perhaps one of the best ways to express your brand story to potential customers. These videos, though informative, do more than simply give facts and figures.

Business testimonial videos work because:

  • They’re authentic
  • They show your brand’s personality in a way other types of marketing can’t
  • They reveal more of your business’ philosophy and values
  • They can convey any tone: business-like, humorous, inspiring, more
  • They educate buyers on your offerings and services, moving them closer to a sale

Testimonial videos provide social proof

The rise in digital technologies like social media use has led businesses like yours to depend even more on the power of social proof. Social proof is the phenomenon where individuals’ base decisions (at least partially) on what their peers are doing. Prospects checking online reviews, social media comments, or getting personal recommendations are just a few examples of this.

Your testimonial videos provide excellent social proof to prospects who are often looking for confirmation that you’re the right choice for their business. Social proof is especially useful to builders because recommendations have always been especially valued in the construction industry.

Let’s face it, buyers are more likely to believe in businesses whose value have been validated by other businesses like them.

Use testimonial videos to assist your sales pipeline

Testimonial videos can help drive sales for your business in many ways. For example, when placed on YouTube, social media, or other digital platforms, the testimonial video can be a cost-effective way to drive prospects and current customers to your websites.

Use these videos to move along prospects in any stage of their decision-making process: creating interest, qualifying new prospects, relationship building, product education/information, and more. For example, a testimonial that has a client recounting how you helped them solve a common industry problem, may convince other prospects with the same issue to use your service.

Use testimonials, other videos to strengthen your mobile presence

So much of business today is done on mobile—tablets, phones, other devices. That’s why testimonial videos and other video marketing is more important than ever. It’s much easier for prospects to learn about your business via a well-produced video viewed on their phone or tablet, than it is to read lengthy website text. Also, Google and other search engine providers value good video content when they rank websites, informative, well-produced videos may lead to better search engine results for some businesses.

Business testimonial videos are versatile

Another reason that using testimonial videos is such an advantage for business marketing is versatility.

Testimonial videos can be used in many ways. Use these videos on your website, or in combination with other marketing tactics like social media or emails. Almost 60% of business executives prefer videos to other forms of marketing. That’s probably one reason why 54% of businesses worldwide use video marketing on their website landing pages and in other prominent digital marketing.

Reuse your testimonial videos on multiple platforms

Many popular social media services, like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, Snapchat, and others rely heavily on videos. It’s easy to recycle testimonial videos for use as content for these platforms. Just edit longer videos used on websites or YouTube to short snippets or. gifs for social media posts and other marketing uses.

Testimonial videos can be used just about anywhere in your marketing.

  • Home pages
  • Social media
  • Video podcasts
  • Events
  • Emails
  • Prospectus meetings
  • YouTube, Vimeo, others

Testimonials work well with email, other automated delivery tools

In Australia, (and most of the world) emails are still used by many digital marketers. Use your testimonial videos to increase email open rates and viewer engagement. When combined with automation tools, video can become an even more powerful tool. Use automation to send videos to consumers at the appropriate time in your sales pipeline.

  • Send videos in personalized email messages
  • Set up email triggers to send when customer finishes a particular action (like create an account, make purchase, etc.)

Get testimonial video for your builder or construction service

Ready to learn how our testimonial videos can help you attract more prospects and increase sales conversions? You can learn more on our website, as well as see some examples of powerful testimonial videos when you check out what our clients have to say about us.