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How to Make A Video?

How Do You Make A Video?

Video has become an essential part of our lives, as various platforms take over social media and general marketing. On a daily basis, we are shown sponsored video content on social media and seek out video testimonials to ensure quality in products or services. In response to this, the everyday consumer is becoming savvier in regards to the content they interact with. Although quality in video is essential to your business’s success, the process to ensure this can seem overwhelming; that’s where we come in. Let us break down how to produce the best video for your business. Planning stage Begin...

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Visual Production Agency Blog

Hello and welcome to our new blog, where we will share some tips to help you get the most out of the video making process and take you behind-the-scenes on our most recent productions! If you’ve clicked on this link, chances are you want to find out more about us. Here’s what you need to know. What makes us different? Our Content Delivery Process is what makes us unique when it comes to video production. Unlike many production companies, we keep our clients informed at every stage of the project. You get the chance to weigh in on location and casting decisions, you can select...

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How to Create a Professional Training Video

Training videos offer a wide range of advantages over in-person training. People can access videos from anywhere and learn in their own time, with the option of re-watching a clip again if they don’t understand the first time or just need a refresher course. The instructor can also deliver a presentation just once to the camera and the possibility of an employee missing out on key advice that occurs with in-person training is entirely removed. That sounds great, you might be thinking, but how do I apply it to my own business? Creating high quality videos that keep audiences focused and...

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5 Reasons to Record Your Business Event

Does your business hold any corporate events, like networking dinners, holiday parties or team building days? For most organizations, these events exist only to boost staff morale and so they are missing out on some of the exciting opportunities that become available when an event is filmed. Read on to see 5 key reasons why you should consider recording your next event! 1.Video Presents Your Event in a Professional Light Next time you’re scrolling through your social media feed after an office party, count how many images captured by mobile phones and grainy videos of the previous night’s...

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How To Build Trust through Video Advertising

In the world of business, trust is a difficult thing to earn. No one wants to be cheated out of their hard earned wages and so consumers are likely to prefer well-known brands, dismissing smaller businesses because they simply do not know enough about them. Research has shown that most people will only look at the first three results of a Google search and will decide who to buy from in less than twenty seconds. Businesses without the instant brand recognition and a spot at the top of Google’s search engine have to work much harder to get their messages across to people and to see the...

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How to Make Your Event Look Good on Camera

You may have seen our article about why your business should capitalize on corporate events to create an events video. One of the main reasons why companies don’t make the most of their events is the fear that their events could damage their image rather than improving it. However, by following these 3 easy tips, you can make sure that your event looks as fantastic on camera as it did in real life! Tip 1: Start Filming Early On An event video should focus on an event, right? So shouldn’t it stand to reason that you only need to start recording when the event is underway? It’s...

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6 Video Production Mistakes that Costs your Time & Money

Although it may appear easy, video production is actually very complicated and can be quite a daunting prospect for a beginner. Mistakes are common and can lead to wasted time and money. Here are 6 of our top-tips to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes: 1. Not preparing a script: In our experience frequently we have seen people believing they can provide off the cuff un prepared remarks. In-fact this is a real difficult skill and more often than not people struggle and get flustered. Instead we recommend using an effective script. A script will help save time by getting straight to...

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CEOs: How to Create a Corporate Message Video?

A corporate message is a fantastic way to inform people about what is going on at the top level of your business. Important announcements, like a change of management or company vision, need to be put across in a manner that will be easy to understand and reassuring for employees who might be worried about their job security. Not only do corporate message videos stand out from the usual text-based email communications that most businesses spread around, but using video also personalizes the message that you’re trying to get across. There’s no way that you can sit down with every...

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3 Quick Tips on How to Write a Good Script

A question we are frequently asked is how to write a good script, in particular how to write a good script that will help to sell your business and brand. In order to write a good script there are three key areas which you must remember to take into account, namely that the script must reflect that of your business strategy and plan, it must be concise and to the point, and the language and the script must be able to sound good on camera. Reflecting your Business Strategy. A good script must be able to reflect the brand that you are trying to portray, for example a quirky start-up would not...

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5 Common Mistakes in Video Advertising

You’re sitting on the sofa, watching TV after a busy day and you can’t be bothered to change the channel in the commercial break. Odds are, a few of the adverts you’ll see will be mildly entertaining, a couple might make you think about buying a new product and the rest will be instantly forgettable. So, how do you make sure that your advert is one that stays in the viewer’s mind after it has disappeared from the screen? It’s easier than you think. By avoiding these 5 major mistakes that companies make when they produce adverts, you can ensure that your ad will...

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The Value of Personalised Branded Photography for Your Company

When a small business is looking for an image to represent their brand too often they turn to the “stock photo.” A stock photo is a commercially of common subjects which are available to purchase and then be used royalty free. Because of this commercial nature the photos are available to all, and who knows what other promotions the photo you want may have been used for. Not only, do you run the risk of the photo being used in a nature contrary to your brand design and ethos, but also stock photos generally are designed to look in a way a viewer can identify as a stock photo. So...

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When it comes to Video, is Longer Stronger?

It’s one of those pesky questions that come up when you first decide to make a video for your business: How long should it go for? One 2016 study found 80% of businesses thought video ads were a very important part of their marketing plans useful in grabbing the attention of their market and acquiring more clients. Another study found 60% of people said they would prefer watching a 20-30 second video about a company rather than reading about it. So what is the right video length for your business? The answer depends greatly on the message you are trying to get across and the media you...

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Cutting it up: What is the Best Video Editing Software?

Using a professionally shot video is the most resilient new trend in brand marketing – one that’s seen growth of 63% over the last year. But it’s not just marketing agencies driving the huge growth of videos online. A growing number of YouTubers are creating their own presence and reaching out to hundreds, thousands, sometimes millions of viewers. Partly this is thanks to the increasing capabilities and sophistication of editing software, which as seen the cost of producing a video plummet. That’s great news for a professional studio like ours, meaning we can now produce a slick commercial...

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Video Production Agency – Cheat Sheet to Video on Social Media

You’re in business, you want to use videos to promote what you do, and you want to put them on social media. With 3.2 billion people active on social media each day, around 42% of the global population, you really can’t be missing out. But wait! Not all social media platforms are created equal, and each platform has different requirements for uploading video content – and it’s important for your business to approach them accordingly. At Visual Production Agency, we know that understanding the technical stuff might get complicated and will take some time. To...

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