6 Video Production Mistakes that Costs your Time & Money

Although it may appear easy, video production is actually very complicated and can be quite a daunting prospect for a beginner. Mistakes are common and can lead to wasted time and money.

Here are 6 of our top-tips to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes:

1. Not preparing a script:

In our experience frequently we have seen people believing they can provide off the cuff un prepared remarks. In-fact this is a real difficult skill and more often than not people struggle and get flustered. Instead we recommend using an effective script. A script will help save time by getting straight to the message, and thus not needing numerous re-cuts to try and get the message better. At the same time an effective script needs to hit to spot or it will lose viewers’ attention, and ultimately prove the video to be less watchable, and thus losing potential income. With the usage of our tele-prompter in studio we can ensure the message to be on point, and to save as much time as possible, in a cost-effective manner.

2. Film in a location knowing the lighting:

Continuity is crucial to a professional looking video. It is important that your location will be able to sustain filming for your entire production. As well when filming outdoors it is crucial to be prepared for changing weather conditions, sunlight can block what you are trying to film, and a new shadow can block your filming. This will mean needing to re-film costing you time and money. If you are prepared for different lighting this will not be a problem, however to obtain the equipment to ensure this will not be cheap if you are only going to use it once.

3. Not using your video correctly:

Not using your video correctly can make the entire production a waste of time and money. Just uploading your video onto YouTube will not guarantee your video to be a success. Instead you will need to adopt a marketing strategy and plan in order to make your time and money worthwhile, video alone doesn’t guarantee success. To help make your video a success you should adopt a marketing strategy to make your video seen and worthwhile for its production. We can help tailor a marketing strategy to fit your unique needs to ensure value to your video.

4. Not preparing for the location:

Location can be crucial for a filming session. It is crucial to know exactly where the filming will take place, every location has its own peculiarities, and you will need to make certain that your equipment will suit the venue. Not only this, different location suits different videos, a corporate information video should not be filmed in an in-formal surrounding. Our green-screen studio and filming knowledge will ensure that the setting to be appropriate for the video you are making.

5. Using basic video editing software:

On the face of it, it appears easy edit a film without a problem with basic software like iMovie on the Mac. The problem with taking the easy route is that it can very easily look cheap and generic. While jumping straight into the professional software for those not used to image manipulation can seem overwhelming and difficult. Instead you will waste hours trying to make a simple video, which a professional editor could do in minutes, so don’t bother wasting your time and money on new software!

6. Not hiring a professional team:

Although you may think it is possible to do everything yourself in-fact it will often be cheaper and quicker to hire a professional team. By hiring a professional team, you are not only hiring their equipment to produce a higher quality video, but also their knowhow. With their knowledge they will be able to capture and edit faster than you. For price effectiveness a professional team will bring the equipment and software, meaning you won’t need to buy any pricey goods for a one-time shoot. So not only do you save money and time, but you will also receive a higher quality video produced just for you.

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