6 Benefits of Corporate Video Production in Your Business Marketing

A recent Hubspot report indicates that up to 94% of internet users watch explainer videos to learn more about brands or products. This implies that online marketing now goes beyond texts and images to supplementing your blog content with business video production.

Notably, using videos for marketing purposes did not start today. Initially, corporates used TV commercials to reach out to prospective customers. But with over 4.66 billion internet users globally, technological advancements, businesses now post videos on their websites, social media handles, and email funnels to boost their reach and conversion.

And this has not been in vain, as many digital marketers now confirm that corporate video production and marketing comes with incredible advantages—but only if you do it correctly. Just so that to bring you up to date, we discuss some of the most common benefits of video marketing!

1. Create an Exciting Overview of Your Brand or Product

Videos are fun and exciting. Besides, people consume information differently, and not everyone is good at reading long texts. Independent studies indicate that an astounding 66% of internet users prefer to watch short video scripts to learn about a service, brand, or product. In comparison, 18% would read a blog post or article.

Thus, incorporating videos into your online marketing strategy is an entertaining and enjoyable way of sharing your story. A video helps you simplify the information even when the content you intend to convey is complicated and may be difficult to communicate on text.

Ideally, it is more effective to demonstrate everything about a product or a service visually. And rather than overhyping products on videos, concentrating on the advantages or uses of a service or product comes with better results. Moreover, videos can potentially increase the understanding of a service or product by 95%.

2. Improve Your Reach Through a High Ranking

The online space is pretty competitive, and many businesses remain invisible due to poor or low ranking on search engines such as Google. Keeping your website on the first page or closer to the first page of search engines increases your reach and keeps your business closer to your prospects.

Although your onsite and offsite SEO determines your ranking, a thoroughly documented advertising video production and marketing strategy also significantly increases your organic traffic. Google, and other search engines, favour videos with unique descriptions and tags.

Google acquired YouTube in 2006, and since then, it also prioritises helpful videos that provide solutions in search results, and about 26% of searches will always include video thumbnails. You can also take advantage of this to gain more traffic and visibility.

3. Increase Your Conversion Rates

Gaining traffic and visibility to your site through improved rankings is one thing, but converting these leads into buyers is another thing altogether. Using corporate video production as a marketing strategy can help you boost your conversion rates.

Indeed, about 84% of prospects make purchases after they watch an explainer. Videos have up to 74% better return of investment rates than texts or static images. Even more, marketers using business video production get up to 66% more qualified leads every year.

But you can only realise the above parameters if you do your video marketing the right way. Making short and entertaining videos, including an elevator pitch, ensuring that your corporate videos go viral, and adding a call to action are among the ways you can ensure that your videos meet your overall objectives.

4. Boost Your Brand Awareness with Advertising Video Production

People like to associate with credible brands, and branding your marketing videos is one of the most effective ways to improve brand awareness and credibility. According to Optinmonster, leveraging videos for your marketing can increase your brand awareness by more than 54%.

Branded corporate videos have three essential benefits when it comes to boosting your business’ brand awareness. They provide a means through which prospects can learn more about your brand, product, or service, they make prospects trust your brand, and they create a medium through which your leads can identify with your brands.

5. Create an Emotional Connection with Your Leads

While videos are incredibly entertaining, they also evoke emotions. So, high-quality and professional videos will turn your products, services, or brand into something visitors can be emotional about. A practical example is that web pages that feature videos will get more interactions than pages that only have texts.

The emotions evoked make videos pretty powerful. According to a 2018 Wyzowl survey, about eight in every ten users end up purchasing an app or software after watching a demo video. Besides, Google, a search engine giant, describes video content as an indispensable marketing tool.

Also, video content is straightforward to share, and people can easily share them via phone or social media with those within their cycles. Since consumers attach emotions to visual content, this is a way to opening up more leads and building a fanatic following for your product or brand.

6. Hold Visitors to Your Page for Longer Durations

Traditionally, visual content is ideal for entertainment purposes. This view on videos still exist. Thus, apart from creating professional videos about your product, you can add an entertaining touch to every piece you make. The essence of this is that visitors will rarely take long enough to make purchases on boring sites.

Notably, the bounce rate for most online pages with texts and images is pretty high. And as a matter of fact, recent studies indicate that visitors take an average of 43 seconds in text-to-image sites, while the duration on sites with videos averages at 5 minutes and 50 seconds.

With a considerable entertainment aspect in your clips, you will keep visitors on your site for more extended periods as you tell them more about your brand and what you offer. Of course, the current global video viewership for each internet user stands at 84 minutes.

Video marketing is a great way to improve your customer base, network, and profit. Besides, the above advantages and statistics indicate that you can no longer second-guess the benefits of business video production. You can achieve more success if you partner with professional video marketers.