5 Reasons to Record Your Business Event

Does your business hold any corporate events, like networking dinners, holiday parties or team building days? For most organizations, these events exist only to boost staff morale and so they are missing out on some of the exciting opportunities that become available when an event is filmed. Read on to see 5 key reasons why you should consider recording your next event!

1.Video Presents Your Event in a Professional Light

Next time you’re scrolling through your social media feed after an office party, count how many images captured by mobile phones and grainy videos of the previous night’s events you can see. Most people will capture their own footage, but it doesn’t tend to show your business to its best advantage.

A video production company will produce footage of a much higher quality and can spend time with you in the editing room to pick out the aspects of the event that you most want to showcase. That way, you can share one single recording that encapsulates the evening without fear of embarrassment.

2. Video Personalizes Your Business

One of the greatest advantages of using video in the business world is the customer engagement that it creates. Filming corporate events allows the audience to see your employees’ faces and creates a personal connection with your business by seeing some of the people who work there.

This personal connection directly influences interest in your brand and over three quarters of businesses say that video provides a good return on investment, making it worthwhile to have a film crew handle your filming and post-production process.

3. Video Event Footage has Infinite Uses

Once you have a recording of your event, you can post it online for the world to see, but there are also many other things you can do with your video. Professionally shot and edited footage of people chatting and laughing at an event is perfect content for a TV or web-based advert and can be used in other projects too.

If your business ever needs to create a corporate message or training video, footage of your employees is readily available and when colleagues are collating material for a leaving do, you can intersperse clips filmed at events with interviews to create an engaging and highly personalized video.

4. Video Broadcasts Your Event to a Wider Audience

Websites like Google and Facebook will automatically promote your video content above posts that only include text or images. A third of all online traffic comes from people watching videos and social media posts including at least one video are up to 80% more likely to be seen by a wide audience.

Online web pages, too, are becoming increasingly visual and soon text-based web pages will be replaced with playlists of video content. Stay ahead of the curve by producing videos now that can be used well into your company’s future.

5. Video Enhances Brand Recognition

When someone watches a video online for the first time, they will typically pay attention for eight seconds before deciding whether to switch off or keep watching.

By including a company logo at the beginning of your video, you will ensure that the audience at least reads the name of your business. Events videos tend to have higher than average levels of audience engagement because of their decorative settings, shots of people interacting and great storytelling potential.

Hopefully you can now see the importance of filming your business events and replacing the static images on your company’s website with something more relevant, modern and engaging. Video marketing is on the rise and the marketplace is only just beginning to understand the importance of visual material in addition to text.

Now is the perfect time to update the way you present your company online, so get in touch with your nearest video production company to see what they can do for you.

And if you’re based in the Melbourne area, visit our website at: visualproduction.com.au to take the first step towards creating your own videos.