Training Videos

Training Videos

Produced training videos save you money

Recent research highlights video as the most effective method in training people.

Training videos offer a wide range of advantages over in-person training. People can access videos from anywhere and learn in their own time, with the option of re-watching a clip again if they don’t understand the first time or just need a refresher course. The instructor can also deliver a presentation just once to the camera, and the possibility of an employee missing out on key advice that occurs with in-person training is entirely removed.

Visual Production Agency has a decade’s worth of experience producing learning and development videos - for some of Australia’s best-known brands, including Rio Tinto, Bupa, Repco, and Shaver Shop.

Our experienced team can help you save money by creating training videos that suit your needs:
  • Presenter Video
  • Induction Video
  • Health and Safety Video
  • Demonstration Video
  • Situational Video
  • Lecture Video
  • Educational Video

Just like what will be done in the videos, we will work with you step by step to make sure everything works for you.

You choose the type of training video (or videos) that work for your needs and we will combine that with your goal to make sure everyone in your company is accurately trained. Last thing you want is for someone to get hurt, or for supplies to get wasted.

Get in touch with us today, and we will help you create engaging and accurate training videos.


  • Brief us on your business and training requirements
  • We help you set communication objectives
  • Brief us on compliance/regulatory issues
  • Our team devises a visual concept
  • Our specialist writers develop the script or Q&A
  • We plan post-production, including editing, graphics, and branding
  • We ensure formatting matches your channels - online, intranet, social channels, and/or classroom

We produce stories that engage, intrigue and entertain

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