Our process – getting it right from the start.

We believe all organisations – schools, businesses and government agencies – can benefit from TV broadcast quality video at a reasonable cost. By combining the experience of our team with proven production process, we deliver knockout video content in a timely cost-effective way.


  • Discovery

    Step 1

    Conducted by phone or in person with your team, we take a close look at your objectives,and what you want to say to scope out how we can tell your story.

  • The Finer Points

    Step 2

    We set a theme and provide a project brief which shows how your video will meet your budget. We also provide advice on how to integrate your video with your marketing, communications and social media strategies.

  • Bringing your story to life

    Step 3

    Next we refine your message, produce a storyboard, write the script or interviewer’s discussion guide, and detail animation, graphics or other effects for your content.

  • Ready, set....

    Step 4

    Before we begin filming, our team briefs you and anyone appearing on camera, helping them with their message and how to present and speak in a relaxed, authentic way.

  • Lights, camera, action

    Step 5

    We have a highly experienced, tight knit team trained to work together as a single unit. We take command of the location and ensure we get the right footage to match your story board and project plan.

  • Post Production

    Step 6

    Our producer and director work with our editors and special effects team to ensure we get your video right; formatting your content for TV or marketing and digital channels.


Kick off your project

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